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Yahoo Finance: Reality Check: IRBI Report Makes The Case Against Relaxing Labour Laws

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A collaborative effort by Oxfam India, Corporate Responsibility Watch, Praxis and Partners in Change has compiled the second edition of India Responsible Business Index. The first IRBI edition was produced in 2015.

The index shows that several companies have improved on various indices from 2015. The list ranks the top 100 companies listed on the BSE on five parameters:

  • Whether the company endorses non-discriminatory employment practices and promotes diversity at the workplace.
  • Whether the business recognises its responsibility towards creating an enabling environment for workers and prohibits any form of forced labour or child labour.
  • Whether the business recognises its role in fostering community development by addressing local priorities and respecting local concerns and knowledge.
  • Whether the business recognises its role in creating an environment in which the rights of workers throughout the supply chain (subsidiary or collaborative partners) are respected.
  • Whether the business recognises vulnerable communities as stakeholders and is responsible and transparent about the impact of its processes on these communities 

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