UNited National Guiding Principles

UNited National Guiding Principles

guiding principles are non-binding insrruments that helps CSos hold companies accountable

12 months ago

United Nations Guiding Principles on BHR

The compendium will be useful to the possible readers who are working in the field of human rights; the aggrieved parties who seeks a legal help; corporations who want to know about their responsibilities and obligations and for anyone who is interested in knowing the basic knowledge of business and human rights. The compendium is one of its kind primarily for two reasons- firstly, the concept of online compendium which is an online library containing the resources on business and human rights is not available in India. Secondly, the library is not only focussed on national laws only but also takes into consideration the relevant binding and non binding principles and laws at international level also. Apart from this, the compendium also throws diverging lights on laws, cases, remedies, good practices, interpretations etc and is not just limited to the legal texts.