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The Indian Express – The workplace is still a venue for discrimination, shows report

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New Delhi: Are companies aware of the many overt and covert ways in which discrimination can happen at the workplace or during the time of recruitment? In July 2011, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs came up with guidelines for business to follow. Providing and maintaining “equal opportunities at the time of recruitment as well as during employment, irrespective of caste, creed, gender, race, religion, disability or sexual orientation” was one of the hallmarks for businesses when it came to fulfilling their social responsibilities.

Non-discrimination at the workplace is far from reality. The India Responsible Business Index (IRBI) 2018, released recently assesses and ranks the top 99 BSE-listed companies on five parameters. Non-discrimination at the workplace is prime among them. The IRBI index reveals 24 companies did not disclose their commitment to non-discrimination as part of their recruitment processes in the public domain. [Read more]