By Oxfam India
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Session: Civil Society’s Perspective On Business Responsibilty

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What is this session about?

This welcome session sets the context for the launch of the India Responsible Business Index 2017.

Where is this happening?

The venue is Mantra Hall, First Floor, The Park Hotel, Connaught Place, New Delhi.

How can I attend?

To attend the session, you can register for IRBF 2017 here.

Who are the panelists?

Nisha Agrawal

CEO, Oxfam India

Nisha Agrawal has been working on poverty, inequality and development issues for more than three decades. She has been the CEO of Oxfam India since its inception in March 2008. Prior to that she has worked with the World Bank on development issues for 18 years. Nisha has experience of working in countries in the East Asia Region (Cambodia, Vietnam and Indonesia) and in the East Africa Region (Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda).

Tom Thomas

CEO, Praxis

Tom Thomas has been in the development sector for around two decades. His association with Praxis began in 2000, when he took over as CEO. Prior to joining Praxis, he held senior positions with Action Aid in India, Bangladesh and the UK. He has led Praxis on several important assignments, both nationally and internationally.

Amita Joseph

Director, Business Community Foundation

Amita Joseph has worked both in the corporate, legal & development sectors over three decades. Amita is on a number of non profit organisation boards such as MESH, CRB, SRUTI, AAM Foundation and is the Director at BCF (Business & Community Foundation), a leading civil society organisation in India working on promoting responsible business practices.

Amitabh Behar

Executive Director, National Foundation for India

Amitabh Behar is the Executive Director of the National Foundation for India (NFI). He is the Convener of National Social Watch Coalition and was the Co-chair of the Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP- 2010-2016) . He was also the convener of the Wada Na Todo Abhiyaan (Don’t Break Your Promises Campaign).