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Mint: How Employee-Friendly Are Indian Companies?

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Mumbai: The India Responsible Business Index (IRBI) 2016, scheduled for release on Tuesday (14 February), seeks to draw attention to the need for companies to extend employee policies to include all workers who are part of extended supply chains, including labour and contractual workers.

The 2016 index, a collaborative effort by a group of not-for-profits—Oxfam India, Corporate Responsibility Watch, Praxis and Partners in Change—measures the performance of the top 100 firms on BSE by market value under various heads, including social inclusion.

In its second edition, the index measures performance on five parameters—inclusive supply chain, community as stakeholders, community development, employee dignity and human rights, and non-discrimination at the workplace (See ‘Methodology and disclosures’ below).

The index shows that there has been some improvement in the way companies treat their employees. Of the total 100 firms reviewed in 2015, 73 had an anti-sexual harassment policy in place. This number has risen to 92 in 2016. Similarly, in 2015, only 41 firms had policies regarding the recognition of the collective bargaining principle, but in 2016 this has gone up to 59. [Read More on LiveMint]