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India Responsible Business Forum

India Responsible Business Forum (IRBF) is a platform which promotes data driven dialogue and action on responsible business practices of Indian companies. IRBF supports the National Voluntary Guidelines on Social, Environmental and Economic Responsibilities of Business (NVGs). NVGs launched by Ministry of Corporate Affairs in 2011 laid a strong foundation to India’s business responsibility context.

IRBF emphasises the significance of data in business responsibility decisions. An index ranking the top 100 companies listed on Bombay Stock Exchange based on NVG disclosures is at the heart of forum.

India Responsible Business Index

The India Responsible Business Index (IRBI) was originally conceived through a collaborative partnership between Corporate Responsibility Watch (CRW), Oxfam India, Change Alliance, Praxis Institute for Participatory Practices (Praxis) and Partners in Change (PiC). It has gained a lot of currency in the collective quest to explore ways of correcting India’s growth story.

The IRBI analyses the disclosures by top listed companies on five parameters of social inclusion - nondiscrimination in the workplace, respecting employee dignity and human rights, community development, inclusiveness supply chain and community as business stakeholders. It serves to shift the focus from the 2% mandatory spending on corporate social responsibility to the commitment to ‘people’ mantra cited by the National Voluntary Guidelines on Social Environmental and Economic Responsibilities of Business, 2011.


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Index Team

A list of members who contributed to the Index.


IRBF invites people from business, civil society organizations, government, media, regulators and opinion leaders to join the platform.

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