Online Mentoring Session: Mining, Extractives and Access to Remedy

The contrasting stories of extraordinary wealth accumulation and deep-set, far-reaching poverty confirms the role and impact of business in people’s lives. There is now a growing recognition that businesses also have responsibilities towards not just to their shareholders but also to those whom it affects through its various stages of operation– workers, communities and customers. For development that is inclusive, equitable and sustainable, it is important to effectively engage and influence business and private sector action in India.

Oxfam India’s mentoring programme aims to connect civil society actors and organizations with experts, and provide dedicated support on specific areas of private sector engagement, responsible business conduct and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Civil society actors and organisations from across the country working on issues related to human rights violations in the extractive sector, such as land dispossession, occupational safety and health, pollution and ecological degradation, are invited to participate in the session.

The mentoring sessions are aimed at strengthening Indian civil society’s understanding and capacity to engage and influence private sector response and accountability. The session will also focus on the various avenues and strategies for access to remedy when human rights of people and communities are violated by business enterprises engaged in mining activities. The expectation is that Indian CSOs, with enhanced knowledge and know-how, will be better equipped to engage, strategize and seek justice for the wrongdoings committed by business, especially in natural resource-rich regions.

The second mentoring session on Mining, Extractives and Access to Remedy is scheduled on Thursday, 28 November 2019, from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm (IST). The session will be held online using the GoToWebinar platform. Details for logging in accessing the mentoring session will be shared after registration.


To register, please click here and submit your online registration form by Monday, 25 November 2019.

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