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India Responsible Business Index 2017

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Non-discrimination in the workplace

Business endorses non-discriminatory employment practices and promotes diversity in the workplace.

Only 5 companies have policies disclosures on all of these together – targeted diversity of women, SC & ST, maternity benefits and disabled friendly workplace.

Respecting Employee Dignity and Human Rights

Business recognises its responsibility towards creating an enabling environment for workers and prohibits any form of forced labour or child labour.

Among 16 MNCs only 4 MNCs have disclosures on policy and mechanisms mentioning ‘fair living wages’.

Community development

Business recognises its role in fostering community development by addressing local priorities and respecting local concerns and knowledge.

Only 1 company has disclosure having systems to carry out stakeholder consultations.

Inclusiveness in supply chain

Business recognises its role in creating an environment in which the rights of workers throughout the supply chain are respected.

Only 6 companies have systems to assess issues related to workers’ rights in the supply chain.

Community as business stakeholders

Business recognises vulnerable communities as stakeholders and is responsible and transparent about impact of its processes on these communities.

Only 9 companies companies score between 25%-50%.

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Below is an interactive index for the top 100 of IRBI 2015 and 2016.

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